Thursday, 10 May 2012

Summer Picnic Date in Vintage

 Sunday and Afternoon, picnic is so perfect

I love the idea of picnic; share, cook, and celebrate

gathering your friends, family or who loves, bring favorite food/snacks

and enjoy the time together, play games, the talk, or kisses ^^

If you go on a picnic date, I really want to impress him with pretty outfit and delicious food 

This is an ideal dress to picnic, for me, prefer a knee-length dress , that cover half of legs,
I do not really want to show my pantie, even if it is so cute :)

Picnic Date

Picnic Date by cristalpixie featuring woven handbags

Picnic date reminds me of date in the oldie that you actually wear a real dress and enjoy the atmosphere
I create this look, just by my inspiration from Kate Spade Linden Wicker Basket


Searching for picnic menu in Pinterest, I got this pretty looking images

white chocolate mimosa truffles

browned butter pecan cookies

chocolate mint Oreo cupcakes

strawberry lime cupcake

raspberry dark chocolate banana bread

tuna salad and green apple

chicken rolls

punch cocktails

Have a nice day :)

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