Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Wedding & Love

Wedding Party must be in a dream of every girl, sometime I think I should, would or could do this and that for my wedding. half idea of my wedding was about my family and family's friends and others to enjoy their time. Every time I look through the photo my wedding, it was so presented :) 

The other half idea of my wedding was come true, the little thing I imagined they were there. I got some photo of the little thing I love them so much in my wedding and some images I found in Pinterest that are very lovely. 
After we married, my husband asked me to marry him again in 10 years and our wedding will be more loved.

I set the tone to be Pink & White and so everything follow 2 colors; Pink as Love & White as Sincere 

my beloved rings

 candle hangers

pink chandelier

pink cloth as hanger with flower ball

natural cloth bag with our wedding signature logo for souvenir

mr. teddy bear with flower ball and pink crystal

Jasmine Ball, smell amazing and look great

 my bridal veil

my shoes :) from Sirena, very delicate and Swarovski beads 

I want to be myself the most on my special day
all the time, I really want to be different and fun, 
so my bridal look is smokey eyes and my hair is Mohawk !!

blooper !!

my wedding was held in a restaurant, as I want to be just a small and cosy one
finally we invited people to maximum of the space that could fit in

The Good is we could really enjoy privacy and cosy with our dear guests,
I love every inch of decoration and flower.
the food is okay I think, and our guests said they are delicious, we served Chinese food, by the way,
it was not greasy at all, I could say this is fusion Chinese and Thai

The Bad is restaurant could not have enough parking spaces for all guests ( we had around 150 people)
the restaurant forgot to get enough speakers, so the guests who sit at the back, could not hear anything

There are a lot of details that not only you (bride) have to take a look closely, it should be both of you as the marriage is from the love of the couple :)

Here is very perfect images I love 
Hope you like it too

 Good Day :)

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